One-minute anthem for the Trump presidency: "Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going)"

Metafilter's Cortex wrote and recorded "Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going)" (MP3) as "a little pep talk, for myself and for anyone else who needs one, as we wade through the fuckedness of all this. Catchy and short and angry and upbeat and exactly a minute long."

Sometimes everything is fucked
Sometimes everything's
An unrelenting pile of shit
Sometimes you don't know what to do
Where to go, how to be
How you're gonna get through this

Well, you write it down
You sing it out
You don't give in
You don't tap out
You just keep on going
Even when everything is fucked

Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going) by cortex

(via Waxy)

(Image: Mike Licht,