You too can smell like President-elect Trump

"It's a rose flavor; it's an orange flavor; it's lemony," said President-elect Trump about one of his signature fragrances. And he had several, dating back to a 2004 partnership with Estée Lauder on Donald Trump, The Fragrance, that apparently smelled of "hints of mint, cucumber and black basil." The two more recent fragrances had the alluring names of Success (2012) and Empire (2015). According to the Environmental Working Group, Success by Trump Eau De Toilette Spray, Empire by Trump Shower Gel, and Donald Trump the Fragrance Eau de Toilette contained various toxins.

The various Trump fragrances have been discontinued but you can find enough of a supply on eBay to last you the next four years.

Also this from Weird Universe: "In a case of satirical prophecy, back in 1992 MAD magazine had imagined a Trump fragrance line:"