You look like you could use a peaceful nature time-lapse video (or 100)

We offer an oasis of serenity for you. Feel free to bookmark this page whenever anxiety surges, or the human race makes you despair.


Here's a series of Michael Shainblum timelapses, and here's his Facebook and Youtube, where you can also watch his craft tutorials. Amazing work!


Videos Below by Michael Shainblum:
• "Among the Ancients – California Timelapse 4K"
• "Into The Atmosphere California Timelapse 4K"
• "Sparks Lake Sunrise Aerial 4K"
• "Milky Way Mountain Moonrise Timelapse Oregon 4K"
• "Yosemite Fog Timelapses"
• "Sparks Lake Sunrise Timelapse 2014"
• "Our World is a Beautiful Place"