Buy The Munsters' House

When you reach a certain age, the memory of The Munsters is actually better than the TV show was (as opposed to The Addams Family, which is better than you remember).

Regardless, the iconic imagery associated with The Munsters is memorable, and for the baby boomer longing for his or her innocent youthful pleasures, there is something great to be had for the holidays. You can now own the Munsters' house straight from 1313 Mocking Bird Lane.


Made by the premier model company Moebius, the wonderful thing about this particular reproduction of the Munsters' home is that it's display ready out of the box: no assembly or painting required.



You can get it for under $80 on both amazon and eBay—but make sure not to buy the unassembled and unpainted model for $39 unless you're certain that the giftee is ambitious.

If, on the other hand, you are the one who wants this given to you, then I know just the thing that will put you in the mood to request this item from your significant other.