Pacifist sect controls a Mayan-inspired pyramid in North Dakota

Fusion looks at the tensions between a pacifist religious sect and local North Dakota officials over an abandoned Cold War anti-missile complex that looks like something out of Illuminati conspiracies. The Hutterites won the auction for the giant pyramid on the prairie to the chagrin of local officials, who unsuccessfully tried to buy the decomissioned military facility.


The peace-loving Hutterites shun contact with the outer world, but they have a guy named Duane come in and pump thousands of gallons of water out of the pyramid each day. Fusion's Elmo Keep tracked down Duane and persuaded him to bring Keep along on his next visit.

I had imagined that getting inside the Pyramid complex was going to be tricky. Something of an urban explorer's Holy Grail, there aren't many photos around of the inside. It's also not entirely safe; a few years ago on a council tour, a man fell through a wooden floor partition 65 feet to his death on the concrete below, a story I hear repeated more than once. But all you need is keys, which Duane knows the hiding spot for. We drive through the gates that would have once been one of the most highly secure entrances in the U.S. and pull them closed behind us.

A very interesting read.

The pyramid at the end of the world (Fusion)