Cityscapes created inside toilet paper rolls

Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias created these papercraft cityscapes inside toilet paper cores. It was part of November's World Toilet Day, and it was commissioned to bring awareness to the sad state of toilet affairs in many large cities.


WaterAid's State of the World's Toilet Report 2016 – which this year examines the state of city sanitation around the world.

More than 700 million people in towns and cities across the world are living without decent toilets. Around 100 million of these people have no choice but to do their business in the open – using roadsides, railway tracks, waste-ground and plastic bags dubbed 'flying toilets'. As a result, disease can spread quickly. […] India, the world's fastest growing economy, has 157 million people living in its towns and cities who do not have access to a toilet and 41 million urban dwellers practicing open defecation; making it the worst in the world for urban sanitation. This not only puts people, especially young children, at risk of potentially fatal disease but has a knock-on effect on the country's productivity and economic growth.


We built this city on toilet roll (YouTube via WaterAid)