Incredible 1960 time capsule apartment

Miles McDermott is a modern-day millennial hepcat from Phoenix who has set up the most impressive 1960-vintage pad I've seen outside of a soundstage.





Via a local news report:

"Grandma had some sweet taste," said McDermott, whose love of 1960s design started when he was younger. His mother collected antiques, and in design school, he got his first taste of the era with a hutch.

"It was a feeling that I can relate to NASA, finding a planet with life forms and its own language. It was just an entirely different world," he said. "And I didn't understand why we didn't make it anymore. It just didn't make any sense."

Over the years, the collecting continued: clocks, chairs, electronics, chandeliers — all of them now fill his central Phoenix home. Inside, it feels like a time capsule.

"I have people coming in here and they say I grew up with all of this stuff,' said McDermott. "Everybody slows down. Like they are stuck. They go in slow motion to try and observe everything because there is nowhere else where you can see this."


If you'd like to get on the Save The Sixties bandwagon, head over to his site.

Save The Sixties (via Curbed)