Breathtaking 4K timelapse of noctilucent clouds

Adrien Mauduit captured these noctilucent clouds above Denmark on not just one night, but two consecutive nights. He explains how he documented the unusual weather phenomenon:


I have been up all night to try and capture a maximum of detail and information to understand their dynamic and how they evolve. I must say they are very complex, but these events showed something very interesting. Even though they don't behave the same as storm cells do, the NLC event of the 13-14th of July made me realize they somehow do anyway. I thought they were just a 'sheet' of ice particles, but they are way more elaborate than that. It is hard to see inside the clouds, but you can definitely notice when they are transparent enough (you can see the stars) or when they build up as several sheets or system. On some wide angle scenes, you can see the system building up and rising from the cell (the top clouds are faded, dimmer and have another color than the brighter clouds below). At the end of the event, the system seems to expand outwards to eventually be visible above our heads (it might have to do with the fact that the sun is getting closer and closer up to the horizon and can illuminate further.

NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS STORM 4K – July 12-14th 2016, Denmark (YouTube / Adrien Mauduit)