NSA's best employees are "leaving in big numbers"

It seems younger NSA employees are bummed out by the agency's lying and lawbreaking and are leaving for private sector jobs. Former NSA Director Keith Alexander is sad about it, and blames Edward Snowden and the media.

From Cyberscoop:

"What really bothers me is that the people of NSA, these folks who take paltry government salaries to protect this nation, are made to look like they are doing something wrong," Alexander said Tuesday. "They are doing exactly what our nation has asked them to do to protect us. They are the heroes. They are the ones that deserve our praise. Not a guy who took this race to Hong Kong and to Moscow."

In large part, Alexander blamed the press for propagating an image of the NSA that causes people to believe they are being spied on at all times by the U.S. government regardless of their independent actions.