Holiday picks from the Boing Boing Store

The Boing Boing Store's Gift Guide is full of ideas for pretty much anyone in your life like hipster ice cub trays, Xbox controllers, Halo Boards, and even diamond necklaces. As always, all products in the Boing Boing Store come at great discounts, too. Shop by price bucket starting at under $20. 

Under $20:

Bloxx Jumbo Ice Trays – $14.95


Have you ever wondered where cocktail bars get those fancy giant ice cubes? Now you know.

Dalton Dopp Kit – $19.99


Carrying a toothbrush in a ziplock baggie isn't the strongest marker of sophistication. Gift this understated, hangable toiletry bag for stowing toiletries.

Under $30:

10-Ft Samsung-Certified Micro-USB Cable: 3-Pack – $24.99


Using and charging your phone don't have to be mutually exclusive events. Stay comfy with these extra-long Samsung-certified Micro-USB cables.

Dripo 2-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $28.95


Why is cold coffee always more expensive? This Boing Boing Store favorite makes delicious slow-drip cold brew anywhere in just 2 hours.

Striiv Touch Activity Tracking & Notification-Enabled Smartwatch – $29.99


The Striiv touch is a fitness-tracking smartwatch that receives notifications of incoming phone calls and texts. Boasting a week of battery life, it works with iOS and Android phones.

Under $50:

Nomad Leather MFi-Certified Charging Wallet – $49.95


This leather bi-fold wallet hides an integrated 2,400mAh battery and an MFi-Certified lightning cable—enough to give an iPhone a full recharge. And its high crush strength aluminum casing is safe for a back pocket.

Breda Valor Watch – $49.99


The Breda Valor is a no-frills analog wristwatch inspired by standard-issue military equipment. The sturdy nylon strap and buckle clasp does its job in modern, utilitarian style.

Under $100:

Razer WildCat Premium Xbox One Controller – $97.99


This tournament-grade Xbox One controller was designed with input from eSports pros to deliver best-in-class button and trigger response. It can be tailored to the user with optional rubber grips and customizable multi-function keys.

Dewang X4 Low Temperature 3D Printer Pen – $99


The Dewang 3D printer pen can easily draw solid objects in the air. With a low working temperature, it's safe to sketch on skin and is a perfect gift for artists and inventors.

Under $200:

Bitlock Smart Bike Lock – $109


Losing the key to a bike lock doesn't have to necessitate a frustrating session with an angle grinder. This weatherproof smart bike lock unlocks from an app and can even share access with friends and family.

Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 Pocket PC – $189


With full desktop power in a tiny package, this Pocket PC from Ockel is perfect for remote presentations and media playback. HDMI, USB, and analog audio ports as well as WiFi and Bluetooth provide ample connectivity.

For the lavish benefactor:

Diamond Initial Necklace In 14K White Gold – $209


Be an unforgettable gift giver with this personalized bling. Inlaid with 13 stunning diamonds and hung from an 18" white gold chain, this necklace is a Boing Boing Store favorite.

Halo Board – $697


This sleek electric skateboard offers fluid control with its gyroscopic self-balancing system. No pushing required—just lean forward and cruise at speeds up to 10 mph.