Facial Fitness PAO: weighted rubber wings you put in your mouth and waggle up and down

The Facial Fitness PAO is a rubbery device with weighted wings that you put in your mouth and then, apparently, shake up and down to train your face muscles to look young. [via JWZ]

Here's the ad:


About the Product

Concentrate the load efficiently

Left and right equally exercise

Is continued "fun"

Load can be adjusted to match the level in the balance weight

Not only is continued "fun", but users are convinced it works—perhaps because they each spent up to $200 on it.

"I purchased this while vacationing in Japan this past Xmas," writes one Amazon reviewer. "It does look funny, but it works. I could see a difference in my jaw line after 7 days of continuous use."

Seven days of continuous use?

"and if people think it funny, its not," starts reviewer Barn Yard Mamma, which Amazon identifies as a verified purchaser. "Iam in bussiness of tighting faces and necks Naturally! This is quite the answer to toning all the facial and neck muscles,I think this is the ticket for a firm face and neck!" (sic)

"The lines running between my nose to the side of the lips are almost gone now," reported another pleased customer.

But not everyone is happy: "I paid 200 dollars and they didn't even send me directions in English," reports Disappointed.

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