The Hateful Eight's homage to The Thing: shots compared

KINO demonstrates ways in which Tarantino's The Hateful Eight pays homage to John Carpenter's 1982 classic The Thing.


As H. Perry Horton at Film School Rejects points out:

While it's not odd that QT, master of the cinematic homage, would be drawing creative and narrative inspiration from elsewhere, it might seem a little odd to some folks that for a western Tarantino would choose to reference a sci-fi monster movie. But look at even the most basic comparisons: both are ensemble pieces (led by Kurt Russell) that take place largely in one room/compound in the middle of polar nowhere; both center on the themes of paranoia and mistrust; and both are violent as all get out. Makes a little more sense now, doesn't it?

Bonus video: John Carpenter – The Camera and the Subject

The Hateful Thing (Vimeo / KINO via New Beverly Cinema)