Toxic Avenger creator on why we need net neutrality

Robbo writes, "Lloyd Kaufman is best known as the uber super epic producer/director who runs Troma Films, creators of such cinema icons as 'The Toxic Avenger' and 'Surf Nazis Must Die.' Lloyd is also a die-hard advocate for Net Neutrality and he has posted an article to the Huffington Post entitled: Innovation And Our Better Future Depend On Preserving Net Neutrality – and it's a good read by a passionate and intelligent individual – who also happens to make movies like 'Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead.'"

The giant devil-worshipping international media conglomerates want to create a super highway with expensive prohibitive tolls with faster and better Internet for themselves. This will make it impossible for independent artists or innovators because they simply can't compete. The result will be similar to U.S. television, where the biggest companies own the networks and cable systems etc. and air constant iterations and reruns of their own content. It will become harder to get anything independent into the consciousness of the public. The Internet will become an NBC- ABC-CBS kind of world unless we the people take action.

If the court ruling stands, then ISPs can hike prices and charge content providers to deliver Internet traffic faster while also eliminating content providers that cannot pay the fees. As consumers, we need to be aware of our standing and that ISPs will now have more control over regulating the content sites we may want to see. If certain sites are faster while others are slow because they can't pay the tolls, we will get pushed into using only the sites that are quick to load. Those of us who can't pay the tolls on the super highway will be relegated to the bumpy, slow buffering dirt road. Troma and thousands of potential innovators will disappear. I predict Netflix and the like will make sweetheart deals with the ISP/Conglomerate club in order to close the door on competitive future innovators.

Innovation And Our Better Future Depend On Preserving Net Neutrality
[Lloyd Kaufman/Huffington Post]

(Thanks, Robbo!)