A mystery gamer is projecting their Super Mario screen onto the side of a building in the Lower Haight

Last night, Dan Jackson shot video of a mysterious, gigantic game of Super Mario Bros being projected onto the side of a building over a store in San Francisco's Lower Haight.

I've actually done this. The first time, I was stuck on the 15th story of a hotel in Montreal, opposite a tall office tower with all the lights off for the night, while I happened to be in possession of a very powerful projector. It was snowing hard, and very dark, so for fun, I read my email off a three-story tall "screen" that was 150' off the ground. Later on that trip, I projected a video onto the surface of Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission, from a friend's fourth-story window.

This may be my favorite way to do dumb things with computers, actually — which is possibly why it plays such a large role in my novel Pirate Cinema.

Someone is playing Super Mario Bros. on the side of an SF building
[Alix Martichoux/SF Gate]

(Thanks, Foo!)