Yahoo reveals hackers took a further 1 billion accounts (phone, DoB, names, emails)

Just a few months after Yahoo disclosed a 2014 breach of 500 million user accounts, the company today revealed this was preceded by a 1 billion account breach in 2013, in which the hackers took everything: hashed passwords, names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and possibly the tools necessary to forge login cookies that would bypass password checks altogether. Read the rest

The best Christmas memory in 60 seconds

I had completely forgotten about this, probably one of the most thoughtful and emotional Christmas messages from a major media corporation ever televised. It aired starting in 1966, the year after A Charlie Brown Christmas was first broadcast, both on CBS. Created by illustrator R.O. Blechman and animated by Willis Pyle, it's a startlingly simple 60-second piece that truly and fully encompasses the good will and warmth of the holiday. I recently wrote a piece here here about being sucked down the rabbit hole of the internet but there are indeed many long-lost gems to find and so far this is my favorite. As G. Jack Urso writes on his blog, Aeolus 13 Umbra.

One of the wondrous things about the Internet is its ability to conjure up the ghosts of the past, and in this case the animated ghosts of Christmas Past. We can connect with long-forgotten memories that upon retrospect we see contributed to our psyches.

We live in a world that is a swirling mass of widespread mayhem, murder, and insanity. Take just 60 seconds and watch this—it's my Christmas gift to you. Read the rest

Amazon Prime Air’s first drone delivery

Amazon Prime Air has delivered the first customer order by drone, in England.

When will I be able to choose Prime Air as a delivery option?

We will deploy when and where we have the regulatory support needed to safely realize our vision. We’re excited about this technology and one day using it to deliver packages to customers around the world in 30 minutes or less.

Where are you building and testing?

We have Prime Air development centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria and Israel. We are testing the vehicles in multiple international locations.

How will Amazon integrate Prime Air vehicles into the airspace? We believe the airspace is safest when small drones are separated from most manned aircraft traffic, and where airspace access is determined by capabilities. To learn more, view our airspace proposals here and here.

(Thanks, Mike!) Read the rest

Trump meets with tech leaders: Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Tesla, Intel

Photo: Donald Trump speaks as PayPal co-founder and Facebook board member Peter Thiel (C) and Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook look on during a meeting with technology leaders at Trump Tower in New York U.S., December 14, 2016. REUTERS

With his children and Peter Thiel at his side, Predator-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday told Silicon Valley elites his regime will do "anything we can do" to help the same tech industry he mocked during his campaign. Read the rest

How hackers tried to knock offline

DBO writes, "A new report by Deflect Labs tracks the complex ways that hackers have sought to take down the Black Lives Matter website. The attacks, which relied on harvesting WordPress sites, increased in sophistication and left a murky, unsavory trail by actors who did everything from try to extort the website to taking it down entirely." Read the rest

Comic Book Fever — a love letter to 70s and 80s comics

If you're an aging comic book fan, say in your late 40s or early 50s, Comic Book Fever will scratch the hell out of any nostalgic itch you've ever felt about the hobby. George Khoury's picture-heavy examination of comics and comics culture from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s triggers a flood memories.

There are the comics themselves: Landmark runs of the X-Men, Teen Titans and Daredevil. And the artists: Frank Miller, George Perez and John Byrne. Not to mention all the ads, toys and snacks.

Remember ROM Space Knight, Big Jim and Micronauts? And all those superhero ads for Hostess Twinkies? Or the classic Jack Davis-illustrated ad for Spalding basketballs featuring Rick Barry and Dr. J?

Heck, this book even includes a feature on Grit, the family newspaper that lured generations of comic fans into selling its tabloid door to door with the promise of cash and prizes.

There are also features on such classic stand-alone comics as Captain America's Bicentennial Battles by Jack Kirby; the first-ever DC-Marvel match-up, Superman Vs. Spider-Man, and the Neal Adams-illustrated Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali. They don't make 'em like that anymore. And that's the point.

Comic Book Fever celebrates the mass-market popularity of comics even as this popularity was starting to fade. By the end of the period covered, comics were no longer something that every kid grew up on, but a hobbyist product available only in specialist comic book shops. The industry's move to direct marketing and emerging competition from other pastimes, such as video games, spelled the end of an era. Read the rest

One man reads "The Night Before Christmas” in the voice of 27 celebrities

From YouTube: "Master impressionist Jim Meskimen reads "The Night Before Christmas" as 27 different celebrities, including Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins, and Robin Williams."

[via] Read the rest

Well-designed web-based documentary about co-living

One Shared House is a website/documentary about co-living, that is, unrelated people living together. It reminds of a visual 99% Invisible. You can pause at any time to read extra tidbits. Really cool. Read the rest

Wonder Woman dumped as UN Ambassador

Wonder Woman's job as an honorary UN ambassador lasted less than two months. The UN fired the non-existing cartoon character after mounting pressure from people who signed a petition that said, "It is alarming that the United Nations would consider using a character with an overtly sexualised image at a time when the headline news in United States and the world is the objectification of women and girls.”

From The Guardian:

Her scanty clothing – “a shimmery, thigh-baring bodysuit with an American flag motif and knee-high boots” – meant that deploying her as a role model for the UN was culturally insensitive in many parts of the world, the petition added.

Wonder Woman’s tenure as an honorary ambassador was launched on 21 October with an event that saw a silent protest by audience members who turned their backs on the panel, which included current and former Wonder Woman actors Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter.

Others protested in the lobby, holding up signs that said “I’m not a mascot” and “Let’s get real”.

Read the rest

“Mainstream media is the Real Fake News!” says National Enquirer

The election may be over, but this week's tabloids see it as their constitutional duty to continue slinging political mud. Donald Trump has taken charge, Malia Obama is in rehab, and Bill Clinton is ravaged by cancer, proclaims this week’s Trump mouthpiece the ‘National Enquirer,' for good measure adding that actor Alec Baldwin only dislikes Trump because his ex-wife Kim Basinger had a crush on the president-elect. How happy is the ‘Enquirer’ with its past year’s political coverage? "The Enquirer forged into the political arena in a way we had never done before, influencing the election with scoop after groundbreaking scoop,” writes ‘Enquirer’ editor-in-chief Dylan Howard in a self-congratulatory op ed, no doubt referring to such classics as the magazine's unsubstantiated claims that Ted Cruz’s father aided Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton is suffering an array of potentially lethal illnesses including a “time bomb” brain aneurysm, and Bill Clinton has Alzheimer’s disease. “Mainstream media is the Real Fake News!” writes “the most feared voice in politics," former White House advisor Dick Morris, in the ‘Enquirer,’ which may be the embodiment of Orwellian Newspeak, when the birthplace of fake news dares to claim that it is the only purveyor of truth. ‘Enquirer’ stablemate the ‘Globe’ refuses to be left out of the fun, with its cover revealing “Hillary’s Nervous Breakdown on Election Night!” As Trump’s improbable victory became clear on election day, Hillary “became more and more unhinged and ‘started belting back booze to numb her shock’,” until she was “weeping and incoherent,” according to an unnamed source. Read the rest

An attempt to chart media brands on the fake-real spectrum

From Imgur: "A decent breakdown of all things real and fake news." Here is is full size. Read the rest

Destiny's Sparrow Racing League is back

Bungie's massive online FPS/RPG Destiny has brought back it's holiday celebration, featuring one of its most fun add-ons: Sparrow Racing.

Destiny's guardians spend 11 months a year mowing down invaders from outer-space, and farming loot. For a few weeks, in December, Destiny turns into a crazy fast racing game, ala Wipeout XL.

Bungie also added a few new features, like scored and upgraded strikes, and brought back one of the favorite guns in the game, the exotic sniper rifle Icebreaker. I loved Icebreaker. Read the rest

This McDonald's "Warmest Greetings" cup is overflowing with the spirit of Christmas 2016

Yesterday they drew hands on the mitten thumbs to spread good cheer. Today they poked a hole in the cup to release a tubful of holiday joy. Read the rest

'Pulcinellopaedia Seraphiniana' by Luigi Serafini

Luigi Serafini's 1984 tribute to Punch the clown, Pulcinellopaedia Seraphiniana, is now available in a beautiful reprint by Rizolli.

Much like the earlier reprint of the Codex Seraphinianus, this edition is on beautiful paper and will make a lovely coffee table book.

Written in its own "language" the Pulcinellopaedia Seraphiniana is intended to serve as an extension of Serafini's incredible codex.

Pulcinellopaedia Seraphiniana by Luigi Serafini via Amazon Read the rest

Comcast repairman doesn't give a damn that cars are sliding off the road to avoid his truck

A Comacast repairman in Indianapolis has "a job to do" on a slushy, slippery steet. If cars slide off the road and collide because of it, so be it.

UPDATE 12:38PM PT: Here's a statement from Ed Marchetti, SVP of Technical Operations, Comcast Cable.

When I watched this video I was very concerned by what I saw. Our employees should always protect people and treat them with respect no matter what the situation. Safety matters most - especially in dangerous weather conditions like this.

We are actively investigating what happened when our technicians were on site to restore services during an outage and we will reach out to those who were impacted by this incident.

Within the next 24-48 hours, my team leaders will meet with our technicians across our company to use this as an example of how important it is to make everyone’s safety a priority in everything we do.

And just as important, there’s no place for disrespect - treating people the right way is the only way to work.

Read the rest

The Martian smartwatch is full of new features and lasts for days

The Martian mVoice G10 has the trappings of a typical activewear watch. The retro-military aesthetic, rotating bezel, and IPX4 water resistance are common features to expect in a modern timepiece. But the combination of smart features and analog reliability stand out.

Instead of contending with the Apple Watch and Android Wear offerings, the mVoice goes a much simpler route. A discreet 96 x 16 pixel OLED face display communicates notifications and incoming calls, and the built-in microphone enables voice communication with your phone’s digital assistant (i.e. Siri and Google). The mVoice is one of the few smartwatches on the market also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa.

The biggest caveat to wearing a smartwatch has always been the unexceptional battery life, often requiring daily charging. Because of its minimal display, the Martian mVoice delivers five days of smart feature use. Beyond that, a standard analog watch battery keeps it ticking for up to 2 years. For a limited time, it is on sale for 49% off, just $149.99.

Also check out the Boing Boing Store's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide to treat yourself or someone close to you. Read the rest

Skull and crossbones hair-bun covers

Salt Lake City's Wyre Art, AKA Kyle Wyatt, makes these amazing, $30 skull and crossbones bun covers, which are so popular that they're on back-order, and which ship in three sizes: "5" x 2" for longer/thicker hair, 5" x 1.5" for longer/regular hair, 4.75" x 1.75" for mid length hair, and 4.5" x 1" for shorter hair." (via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest

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