Compare the short film 'Whiplash' to the feature 'Whiplash', shot by shot

Jacob T. Swinney compares the short film "Whiplash" with the feature it became.

It's an interesting study in the shot-for-shot remake. With the exception of the location and the switch to Miles Teller as Andrew, nearly everything else is the same.


Johnny Simmons played Andrew in the short, and the change of actors does color the dynamic. Andrew has less anger and arrogance in the short, which makes the instructor feel less sympathetic. Whiplash is just one of many great films that started as shorts, including District 9, Sling Blade, Boogie Nights, Napoleon Dynamite, and Office Space.

Bonus video: Milton, the short that launched Office Space.

Whiplash: from short to feature (Vimeo / Jacob T. Swinney)