This illustration demonstrates VR's "infinite canvas" possibilities

Worlds in Worlds is a beautiful proof of concept by Goro Fujita, who wanted to test just how deep the VR illustration tool Quill by Story Studio could go into an animation. Marvel at how well it works as advertised.


Per the program's developers:

Quill allows users to paint in virtual reality on an infinitely scalable canvas - with rich color tools and different brushes. Quill is designed to be expressive, precise and to let the artist's "hand" come through clearly - whether that's a watercolor style, pencil style, oil painting style or other. Quill is made to be intuitive so creators without technical training can easily start making beautiful work in VR and be comfortable over a long period of time while using the Oculus Touch controllers. Non-creators can download Quill to experience amazing Quill illustrations ('Quillustrations') in our preloaded showcase - and have an experience completely unlike viewing a painting on a wall in a traditional gallery. Now, art lovers can enter and be present inside a virtual reality painting.

Worlds in Worlds (Vimeo / Goro Fujita)