Halifax declares war on "flushable" wipes

Those "flushable" baby wipes marketed to adults are causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to North American sewers and water treatment plants. Halifax Water put together a helpful and entertaining PSA on why the things are a bane to civil engineers across the continent.

The truth of the matter is, 'flushable' wipes are clogging sewers across Canada, US and beyond and are costing Canadian ratepayers at least $250 million a year. While these products and personal wipes may swirl down the toilet with ease, they don't disintegrate, creating serious problems as they work their way through aging sewer systems on their way to treatment plants.

Every time some idiot uses these, the real cleanup gets handed off to taxpayers who wipe responsibly. So if you have a pal who is deathly afraid of a Downtown Julie Brown, or is dealing with a peanut-butter-in-shag-carpet situation, tell them to look into a bidet or some laser hair removal. Or maybe change their diet and get a Squatty Potty.

Toilet Paper – The One and Only Flushable Wipe (YouTube / Halifax Water via Fark)