Bernie Sanders calls for a national day of rallies to defend health care from Trump: Jan 15

Trump promised not to take away peoples' health care, but of course he's going to do that: Bernie Sanders has joined with the Democratic Party leadership to send a letter to the Democratic caucus in Congress asking them to join him in leading rallies across America on Jan 15, under the banner "Our First Stand: Save Healthcare!"

The rally dates/times haven't been announced yet, but I will definitely post them here when I have them. My family depends on Obamacare; without it, we couldn't have contemplated a move to the USA.

The Democrats are warning against Republican plans to repeal ObamaCare, pointing to a study from the Urban Institute that found about 30 million people would lose health insurance once repeal goes into effect.

They also point to plans to implement a Medicare "premium support" system that would change the program from an open-ended government commitment to a system where seniors receive a set amount of money to help them purchase coverage.

Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) say such a change is necessary to put the program on sound financial footing; Democrats say it would end the program "as we know it."

Dear Colleague [Bernie Sanders]

Sanders, Dem leaders urge day of rallies to 'save health care'
[Peter Sullivan/The Hill]

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