Suggestions for improving Twitter

Twitter's wonderful, but it's also horrible a lot of the time &endash; especially for the people using it. And we all complain about it, too! Anil Dash weaves the obvious and not-so-obvious threads of criticism into a billion dollar gift for Twitter. It comes down to these five key points:

1. Show you can consistently ship new features

2. Directly handle abuse and tell the world what you're doing

3. Stop using meaningless metrics as your measure of success

4. Provide specific tools for each of your types of users

5. Decide if you give a damn about developers or not

Open-letter advice articles like this Medium piece are usually particularly insufferable because they presume that a big company full of smart people couldn't think of improvements that one random Internet dude spewed out in a few minutes. I don't think that smart people at Twitter haven't thought of these ideas: I'm merely emphasizing that nobody on the outside can tell if they did or not.