This self-brewing mug is reinventing coffee on-the-go

On-demand fresh coffee often requires an expensive trip to the cafe or staying tethered to a bulky drip machine. The GoJoe Self-Brewing Coffee Mug is a welcome alternative, and unlike an coffee mug I've seen.

To make a cup, just fill the top half with ten ounces of water, add a filter-encapsulated coffee pod, and you can have a delicious cup of joe in moments. The battery contained in the lower section is removable, allowing you to enjoy your drink while the GoJoe charges for its next brew. 

Using this mug is incredibly straightforward. I just pressed the button once for light, and twice for a stronger kick. And the package also includes a month's supply of Hey Joe's eco-friendly coffee pods to help cut down on excessive plastic waste from single-serving cups. For a limited time, this GoJoe Self-Brewing Coffee Mug and Coffee Subscription is just $69.99, 43% off retail.