Beautiful infographic crib notes for immunology concepts

Nerdcore Medical and Tabletop Whale created this handy and informative graphic of all the important concepts in immunology. It's part of a series of one-pagers on topics of interest to medical students and the terminally curious layperson.

Here's a nice story about how Nerdcore Medical was introduced to Designers Republic (DR) and their aesthetic:

The second I saw the first draft of her immunology effort I realized that she had completely and utterly understood everything that I loved about DR. You see, one of iconic figures of the WipEout series was an icon called Angryman. Its origins and purpose remain unclear, but perhaps it signals some sort of templar-like corporate entity pulling the strings behind the scenes. It continued to pop up in various ways throughout the WipEout games. DR also seemingly took a shine to their creation, as they shortly afterwards co-opted it as their official logo – a rare thing for a design house to do. Scanning down the page of Eleanor's Immunology draft, I recall being amazed once again at the density of information, the use of color, the clean blocking and grid-work – and then I saw it.

Immunology pop art (Tabletop Whale via Nerdcore Medical)