Gentleman needs $10K after breaking both legs filming YouTube stunt

YouTuber 8booth runs a stunt channel where he's known for barely making jumps off cliffs and balconies into water. He almost killed himself over the summer with a cliff jump into Morro Bay. His luck ran out at a Laguna Beach motel. Videos below.

Here's the one where he almost killed himself:

Here's the one where he misses the pool (note: it gets pretty gross later in the video)

With luck, this will be a cautionary tale for all young YouTubers who– oh, who am I kidding? He got 3.5 million views on his near-death stunt (not to mention the revenue), so there will be many more videos like these to come.

YouTuber Known For Extreme "Pool Drops" Seeks $10,000 After Breaking Legs (TubeFilter)