San Francisco's DNA Lounge is now on Patreon

A followup from last month's warning that San Francisco's beloved DNA Lounge — a legendary space for dance, conversation, pizza, counterculture, tech, and lulz — may have to close: the proprietor, JWZ, is now accepting support and sponsorship through Patreon.

The umbrella of DNA is host to countless vibrant communities and thousands of regulars. We've had many years of the most diverse, weird, interesting calendar of any venue. A typical month here doesn't include just bands and DJs, but comedy, lecture series, circuses, robotic exhibitions, dance performances, hair shows… We always strive to provide a home for a whole lot of truly amazing art.

DNA Lounge has always been a political project: an attempt to move the needle of culture in this city. To provide a forum for a wide variety of art that makes this city a better place. DNA Lounge is putatively a business, but it is also activism.

A political, cultural and artistic project like this does not come cheap. While we consider DNA Lounge to be monumentally successful in all the ways that truly matter, monetarily, the club has always operated at a significant loss.

DNA Lounge is creating a nightclub and live music venue in San Francisco
[DNA Lounge/Patreon]