Crimethinc relaunches for the Trump era

An anonymous editor from Crimethinc writes, "As 2017 opens, we face new challenges in an increasingly volatile world. Since last summer, we've been hard at work expanding our networks and updating our infrastructure to prepare for the global situation that is now unfolding. Over the next month, we'll be announcing several ambitious new projects."

"Effective immediately, we'll be publishing at least four new articles a week, extending our coverage to a much wider range of topics and formats. We're not just proposing a subculture or a particular methodology of protest, but a total way of living. Accordingly, in addition to current events and analysis, we've established separate CrimethInc. cells to focus on technology, history, the arts, and more. Over the next two weeks, each of these groups will introduce itself here and outline its goals for this new phase of activity."