This ASMR of vegetables defrosting may make you shudder with delight

Break out the headphones for this tingly and satisfying sound design of macro timelapse thawing of fruits and vegetables. The visuals are quote appetizing and lovely, but the sounds are what really make it amazing.

Via Stereokroma:

It's fairly mundane when you take something out of the freezer and let it thaw out on the counter – or is it? This video started as an experiment, but after seeing the results, we knew there was a cool video to be made from it. The video was filmed with an improved technique, and everything is just sharper and brighter. As an added bonus, we mixed in foley sound effects to try to ground the visuals in an auditory space.

Micro ASMR: Defrost | Macro Video of Thawing Fruits & Vegetables (YouTube / Stereokroma)