View nature through a Magical Triangle

Dutch filmmaker Ben Winkeler combined his beautiful nature footage with geometric overlays to create Magical Triangle.

He explains in Directors Notes:

Although the Netherlands is densely populated there are enough beautiful places to go to. One of them is a very special place called 'De Oostvaardersplassen', a nature reserve. Before 1968 it was a sea, but they created a polder and as it developed it had international importance as a Ramsar wetland. It is an example of rewilding. A small part of this nature reserve is open for public. One of those places is called 'De Driehoek' (Triangle) a part that I frequently visit. I went up early to be there in time just before sunrise. I was lucky that there was a little fog and a wonderful sunrise with bright colours.

Bonus video: Not As It Seems, his first experiment:

∆ Magical Triangle ∆ (Vimeo / Ben)