Bake: a pixel-art Mario pie for National Pie Day

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @ThePieous) writes, "It is National Pie Day in America tomorrow (not to be confused with "International Pi Day" - the cooler big cousin of pie holidays on March 14th...) In honour of this occasion I've posted a new tutorial video that is very attainable for any novice pie-geeks out there thinking about whipping something up nifty. It features our favourite 8 bit plumber hero, with a special guest appearance at the end." Read the rest

Bristol cops mistake their own race relations advisor for a suspect, taser him in the face at the gate of his home

Judah Adunbi is a 63-year-old black man who lives in Bristol, England, where he volunteered as chairman of the independent advisory group on race relations; police confronted him while he was walking his dog in front of his home on Saturday. When he refused to show them ID, they tasered him, sending him crashing to the ground, cracking his head on the pavement. Then they charged him with "assaulting a constable in the course of his duties." Read the rest

Kellyanne Conway: lies are "alternative facts" and if the press says otherwise, there's gonna be trouble

Donald Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer inaugurated his first day on the job by telling easily falsifiable lies about the relative sizes of the Trump inauguration crowds and those of the Obama administration. Read the rest

Wyoming bill prohibits power companies from using renewables

A group of Wyoming legislators in the state's House and Senate -- all representing coal country and all avowed climate deniers -- have introduced a bill that would ban Wyoming power companies from using solar or wind power by 2019, and requires non-renewable power to account for 95% of the state's power by 2018. Read the rest

The secret to success in local politics: steal from the people, but not too much

In a new paper in Progress, Oxford economist Vuk Vukovic argues that the key to re-election in local politics is to be just corrupt enough: giving lucrative contracts and other benefits to special interests who'll fund your next campaign, but not so much that the people refuse to vote for you. Read the rest

3 quirky products that will make your weekend

Looking to upgrade your weekend? Here are three randomly awesome products on my mind this week.

#3 FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

As more and more phones and gadgets switch to Bluetooth-only compatibility, you'll need to get Bluetooth headphones like the rest of us. I've been super impressed with these affordable magnetic headphones. Pull the magnetic earbuds apart to auto-connect via Bluetooth and save yourself the hassle. Usually $119.95, grab these FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Headphones for just $29.95.

#2 Footbottles: Football Flask

This football-shaped vessel is just weird enough to be pretty darn discrete. Covered in soft foam, this flask is perfect for practicing your spiral and sneaking in booze. It holds up to 10 shots at a time in the last place I would expect. Pick one up for 32% off at just $16.99.


#1 Salad-to-Go Bowl

My least favorite meal is soggy salad. This clever dish keeps all your ingredients separate until it’s time to eat, so I can finally bring salads to work. Get this Salad-to-go Bowl for just $13.99, 51% off the usual price.

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The Women's March and the Judean People's Front: After Occupy, after trumpism, a new networked politics

Doubtless you've laughed at the ideological war between the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea. I laughed along with you: having grown up in politics, I know firsthand about the enmities that fester between groups that should be allies -- groups whose differences can only be parsed after months of study, but who are seemingly more at odds with one another than their obvious political opponents on the "other side" of the debate.

View nature through a Magical Triangle

Dutch filmmaker Ben Winkeler combined his beautiful nature footage with geometric overlays to create Magical Triangle. Read the rest