1981 novel about the KGB plot to plant a stooge as President of the United States

Josh Glenn says: Here’s an extremely timely episode of Benjamen Walker’s Radiotopian podcast, Theory of Everything. In it, Benjamen and I discuss the obscure spy novel The Twentieth Day of January, about a KGB plot — uncovered by a British intelligence agent — to get their stooge elected president of the US! We speculate about what Trump, and the KGB, may have learned from this book… and how it explains, well, everything.

The podcast transcript is posted to HiLobrow.

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Hemingway prescribes a drink for trumpian times: Death in the Gulf Stream

Tall glass, cracked ice, 4 dashes Angostura bitters, crushed peel of one lime, fill with Holland gin: "It’s strong, it’s bitter—but so is English ale strong and bitter, in many cases." Read the rest

Randy Rainbow sings Alternative Facts

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An Alternative View from Trump Tower

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH is presented the alternative view from Trump Tower.

A pet stain and odor eliminator that really works

Repeated rainy days and limited opportunities to go outside sometimes put my dogs in a bad spot. When they relieve themselves indoors, Sunny and Honey is the best clean-up solution I've found.

The weather has been pretty rough here for most of January. Dog walks have been few and hard to come by. Occasionally someone makes 'a mistake' and when that happens I don't want my home to stink, so out comes the Sunny and Honey.

I've tried a number of brands. Sunny and Honey does a wonderful job of removing light stains and eliminating any pee pee smells. It is also very useful on cat and dog vomit, which happens year round. The light mint scent fades very quickly, and with it any sign that someone has made 'a mistake.'

As a person who lives with a lot of pets, Sunny and Honey is a must have.

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The history of eating bugs in Japan (with recipes)

Over at the Japanese culture website Tofugu (where my wife Carla is on staff), there's a great article by Kanae Nakamine on Japanese bug eating traditions, complete with tasty recipes like bee larva omelets, baby ant minestrone, and rice grasshopper granola bars. There are also vending machines in Japan that sell edible bugs.

If you’re too lazy to hunt for bugs and cook them, don’t worry! There are other options. Japan is a land of convenience, and this extends to their tasty, tasty insects.

You can buy edible bugs anytime 24/7. In Tokyo’s Inokashira park, there’s a vending machine with two kinds of bugs that come in cans: Rice Grasshopper Kanroni and Hanakuyouniis Brand Bee Larvae. Both of these products are kinds of tsukudani, which is the traditional way of cooking with soy sauce, sugar, and sake. Kanroni is similar to tsukudani, but has more sugar and tastes sweeter. Hanakuyouni is a certain brand of tsukudani food in Japan. It uses its original recipe to stew the bee larvae for this product. So next time you’re going for a jog in this Tokyo park, swing your sweaty self over to this vending machine and start guzzling bee larvae. Nothing prepares you for long distance running better than a belly full of insect babies!

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The Netherlands learn to speak Trump's language

Enjoy this clever welcome message/plea to the new leader of the United States.

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Customs officers not fooled by marijuana disguised as watermelons

Three-thousand pounds of marijuana were seized recently at Pharr International Bridge on the Rio Grande. Customs and Border Protection report that the weed, disguised as watermelons, did not fool the sniffer dogs during inspection of a 1993 Thermo King tractor-trailer.

The search resulted in the discovery of 390 packages disguised as watermelons. The packages contained a total of 3,000 pounds of alleged marijuana, which CBP reports is valued at approximately $600,092.

“Smugglers continue to be creative as they attempt to introduce illegal narcotics into our country,” said Port Director Efrain Solis Jr., Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry in a release. “Our frontline CBP officers’ experience, vigilance and attention to detail prevents the introduction of these dangerous drugs into our country.”

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If Rogue One: A Star Wars Story were an 8-bit video game

Directed by Norwood Cheek with animation by Dilara Mundy.

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Beautiful Patagonia avalanche

These guy taped a a beautiful avalanche at Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile. It stopped right before it reached them, and just hovered over them. Read the rest

Zooming in on a tooth until you can see individual atoms

Tooth Magnified to the atomic level

It's like Powers of Ten for dentistry. Read the rest

Weatherman fails in attempt to mask crude gesture

A weatherman flipped the bird without realizing he was on camera. Six years later, people are still sharing the video.

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How jokes won the election

Emily Nussbaum at The New Yorker takes a deep dive into comedy's outsize role in Trump's victory. It's one of the best long reads about the pop culture that defined this election. To use Emily's comedy metaphor, with notable exceptions like "Delete your account," Hillary and her supporters didn't read the room and were heckled at nearly every turn. Read the rest

Wizard Lizard inspires more wizard lizards

When a Tumblr user shared this photo of their aunt’s “wizard lizard” with the caption “You know what to do,” artist and fellow Tumblr user Lauren of Iguanamouth immediately got to work:


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Space putty is the best way to spend $10

Whether I'm trying to relieve some stress at work or entertain myself on the metro, Space Putty is there. You can bring this magical goo home and try it for yourself for just $9.99

Like Silly Putty of yesteryear, this viscoelastic substance can be molded into different shapes and stretched around in your hands. Use it as a malleable stress reliever, or bounce it off the walls for some impromptu office sports. Infused with iron particles, this putty can be manipulated and moved around with magnets or employed as a squishy refrigerator magnet when not in use.

This experimental substance provides endless tactile fun with a magnetic twist. For a limited time, get this Scientific Magnetic Space Putty for just $9.99, 60% off the usual price. It may just be the best $10 you've spent in a long time.

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Obama's robot fist-bump photo has a great back story

One of Obama's last posts while in office showed him fist-bumping a robotic arm. It's actually a prosthetic robotic arm belonging to Nathan Copeland, who can control it with his mind and sense touch with it. Read the rest

In honor of Hidden Figures, meet the contemporary black women contributing to NASA’s success

The wonderful new movie Hidden Figures (based on a book by Margot Lee Shetterly) tells the story of three black women who were crucial to the success of NASA’s Apollo missions in the 1960s. And now NASA is celebrating the many black women who play a crucial role in the space program today. In a series of videos, women like systems engineer Julie Williams-Byrd, project manager Antja Chambers, and astronaut Jeanette Epps discuss their work with NASA and how the women of Hidden Figures inspired them.

You can learn more on NASA’s “From Hidden Figures To Modern Figures” page and you can see all of the “NASA’s Modern Figures” videos on YouTube. Read the rest

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