N.C. lawmaker wants law to keep people from yelling at transphobic former governor

A group of protesters followed Pat McCrory (the former Republican governor of North Carolina who signed a transphobic bathroom bill in March) and loudly shamed him as he was walking into a building in Washington DC. McCrory ignored the shaming, but now North Carolina state Sen. Dan Bishop wants to pass a law making it illegal to "threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against a present or former North Carolina official in the course of, or on account of, the performance of his or her duties."

From Washington Post:

In a post on his website, Bishop said the video showed "rioters" chasing McCrory down a blind alley and threatening his safety.

"Lines are being crossed," Bishop wrote. "Other governors never faced riotous mobs in their post-service, private lives, without personal security."

I watched the video (above). It didn't look like a "riot" or a "mob" to me. It looked like some passionate people expressing their non-violent anger at a man who has zero empathy for transgender people, and then left peacefully when the cops shooed them away.