Trump cranks up the crazy to 11 in this ABC interview. Highlights and full transcript.

In his first television interview since assuming power last Friday, Donald Trump compares himself to Peyton Manning. Everything else was even weirder. Construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border may begin within a few months.

In the interview with ABC's David Muir, the narcissist-in-chief couldn't stop obsessively returning to the topic of his perceived grudges over inauguration crowd size, his vote count in the election, even his appearance at CIA last week, roundly criticized by those at the agency. Trump didn't get the memo.

"In fact, they said it was the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl and they said it was equal," he lied.

In the rambling and deeply unsettling interview, the obviously deranged Trump says torture is a viable interrogation option in his war against ISIS.

Trump also said his presidential campaign was "one of the greatest victories ever;" he defended his bizarre CIA speech as "a home run;" and he criticized "unflattering" and "demeaning" portrayals of his inauguration crowd size by the very bad and unfair media. Sad!

Here's what Trump says about the bungled CIA meet-and-greet:

That speech was a home run. That speech, if you look at Fox, OK, I'll mention you — we see what Fox said. They said it was one of the great speeches. They showed the people applauding and screaming and — and they were all CIA. There was — somebody was asking Sean — "Well, were they Trump people that were put–" we don't have Trump people. They were CIA people … People loved it. They loved it. They gave me a standing ovation for a long period of time. They never even sat down, most of them, during the speech. There was love in the room. You and other networks covered it very inaccurately. I hate to say this to you and you probably won't put it on but turn on Fox and see how it was covered. And see how people respond to that speech.

Narcissistic word salad. What the heck, man.

Muir challenges Trump in the interview on his claims that lots of brown people voted illegally against him in the election that led to his presidency:

DAVID MUIR (HOST): When you say in your opinion, millions of illegal votes, that is something that is extremely fundamental to our functioning democracy, a fair and free election.

TRUMP: Sure, sure, sure.

MUIR: You say you're going to launch an investigation into this.

TRUMP: Sure, done.

MUIR: What you have presented so far has been debunked. It's been called false.

TRUMP: No it hasn't, take a look at the Pew reports.

MUIR: I called the author of the Pew report last night, and he told me that they found no evidence of voter fraud.

TRUMP: Really? Then why did he write the report?

MUIR: He said no evidence of voter fraud.

TRUMP: Excuse me, then why did he write the report? According to Pew report — He is groveling again. You know, I always talk about the reporters that grovel when they write something that you want to hear but not necessarily millions of people want to hear, or have to hear.

MUIR: So, you've launched an investigation?

TRUMP: We're going to launch an investigation to find out. And then the next time — and I will say this, of those votes cast, none of them come to me, none of them come to me. They would all be for the other side. None of them come to me. But when you look at the people that are registered, dead, illegal, and two states, in some cases, maybe three states. We have a lot to look into.

Trump keeps repeating his weird lie that 3 to 5 million votes were cast illegally against him. He slammed ABC's coverage, praises Fox, and tells Muir,

Let me just tell you, you know what's important, millions of people agree with me when I say that if you would've looked on one of the other networks and all of the people that were calling in they're saying, 'We agree with Mr. Trump. We agree.' They're very smart people.

have people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals, who are in two states," Trump tells Muir, "You have people registered in two states. They're registered in a New York and a New Jersey. They vote twice. There are millions of votes, in my opinion."

Earlier today, various news organizations reported that several top figures in the Trump political regime are registered to vote in multiple U.S. states. Steven Mnuchin, Steve Bannon, and Donald's daughter Tiffany Trump.

On the possibility of deporting DREAMers, kids born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrant parents:

They shouldn't be very worried. They are here illegally. They shouldn't be very worried. I do have a big heart. We're going to take care of everybody… here you have great people that are here that have done a good job, they should be far less worried.

Oh yeah! Trump also threatened to send federal troops into Chicago today. On that topic, he tells Muir:

It is carnage. It's horrible carnage. This is Afghanistan — is not like what's happening in Chicago. People are being shot left and right. Thousands of people over a period — over a short period of time.

Disregarding the advice of his own advisors, on torture:

Absolutely I feel it works. Have I spoken to people at the top levels and people that have seen it work? I haven't seen it work. But I think it works. Have I spoken to people that feel strongly about it? Absolutely.

Trump did admit both his defense secretary and CIA director have told him torture is not worth it: "I will say this, I will rely on Pompeo and Mattis and my group. And if they don't wanna do, that's fine."

On a Muslim ban:

We're talking about — no it's not the Muslim ban. But it's countries that have tremendous terror. . . . it's countries that people are going to come in and cause us tremendous problems. Our country has enough problems without allowing people to come in who, in many cases or in some cases, are looking to do tremendous destruction.

Will the ban anger Muslims around the world? "The world is as angry as it gets. What? You think this is gonna cause a little more anger?"

"Maybe we'll have another chance" to take Iraq's oil, he said. "Well, don't let it get your attention too much because we'll see what happens. I mean, we're gonna see what happens."

Trump was asked about health care in the interview. Will Americans who have health insurance now all still have insurance after the Affordable Care Act is repealed?

Here's what I can assure you, we are going to have a better plan, much better health care, much better service treatment, a plan where you can have access to the doctor that you want and the plan that you want. We're gonna have a much better health care plan at much less money.

Muir presses him again to state clearly that no one who has ACA health insurance will lose it:

"We want no one. We want the answer to be no one. But I will say millions of people will be happy."

Full transcript: Pres. Donald Trump's interview with ABC News' David Muir