New website 5 Calls makes it easy and convenient to contact your representatives

A lot of former congressional staffers agree that the best way to make your voice heard is to call your representatives rather than emailing them. And a new website makes that easier than ever. 5 Calls streamlines the calling process to make it user friendly and convenient. Simply enter your zipcode at the top left and you'll be given a personalized list of numbers to call about the most pressing issues of the day. Click through topics on the left hand column to access a brief overview of each issue, a script to use when placing the call, and an explanation of why you're calling a particular office (i.e. it's one of your Senators or the Army Corps of Engineers is conducting an environmental impact report on the Dakota Access Pipeline).

The idea is to motivate people to spend five minutes every day making five phone calls. So far the website has helped facilitate over 36,000 calls and counting. You can learn more on

[via TechCrunch]