The Department of Labor's Wells Fargo whistleblower site has disappeared

Shortly after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, the Department of Labor's whistleblower site — for Wells Fargo employees who wanted to report fraud in the ongoing scandal affecting millions of Americans — disappeared.

Donald Trump owes Wells Fargo more than $500,000,000.

The findings have not been made public, but a person familiar with the review said that OSHA's San Francisco office, which handled the bulk of the Wells Fargo complaints, faced a particularly high caseload-to-staff ratio.

The review also found that OSHA does not have an effective case management system to track what is going on in the field, the person added.

Warren's concerns could become an issue on Feb. 7, when fast-food executive Andrew Puzder is expected to appear for his confirmation hearing to become the next labor secretary.

Wells Fargo whistleblower site vanishes
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