Almost half a million bucks worth of cocaine stuffed up nose of American Airlines plane from Colombia

Authorities say Tulsa maintenance base workers workers for American Airlines found seven bricks of cocaine weighing 31 pounds with a street value of about a half a million dollars hidden in the nose of an AA aircraft.

An investigation into the mysterious heap of coke has since been taken over by a DEA team based out of Miami, Florida, where the plane stopped from Bogota en route Tulsa for maintenance.

From NBC News:

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office spokesman Justin Green says the plane arrived in Miami from Bogota, Colombia, on Sunday. It was flagged for maintenance and sent later that day to Tulsa International Airport, where American Airlines has a maintenance base.

While working on the nose gear, an airline employee noticed what looked like a clump of insulation or a brick-like object and called the sheriff's office to inspect the suspicious find.

Authorities discovered seven bricks of cocaine, worth at least $14,000 a pound.

[Image: An American Airlines maintenance employee discovered seven bricks of cocaine in the nose gear of a plane that came to the Tulsa maintenance base Sunday, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said. NBC Miami]