Jen Wang is selling original art from our graphic novel IN REAL LIFE to benefit ACLU and CAIR

Jen Wang, the incredible comics creator who adapted my award-winning story Anda's Game for the bestselling graphic novel In Real Life is selling original, 9" x 12" art from the book, and the painting above these words, for $250 each — all proceeds divided equally between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Jen's lines are amazing — I own one of these pieces already and it hangs in a place of pride in my office.

Email to buy 'em.

IN REAL LIFE is the story of Anda, a young girl who joins a faction within her online game, one that polices and eliminates gold farming bots to preserve the "purity" of the gaming experience. As she learns, gold farmers are employees from developing nations who make money by doing the tedious in-game labor for richer players in developed nations. She befriends a young gold farmer from China named Raymond and finds despite their differences they have an important thing in common: they both love the game. It enriches their lives and they both do what they can to be a part of it. Anda learns the world is complex, but the important thing is we hold onto our humanity and see each other as human beings first.

[Jen Wang]