'Hugh Hefner meets Mister Magoo' style comedy: Girly Magazine Party at Steve Allen Theater, Feb. 18, LA

We could all use a laugh right now.

If you're in Los Angeles on February 18, come to Trepany House and the Steve Allen Theater. The legendary Mr. Tellis Wondersweet, portrayed by comedy troupe 2 Headed Dog's Jim Turner, will lead a legendarily tasteless and absurd Girly Magazine Party. Showtime is 8pm.

Jim and 2 Headed Dog have appeared at Boing Boing events in the past, and you may have also seen Jim on television in his day job, taking his pet pig out for a stroll.

Wondersweet is sort of Hugh Hefner meets Mister Magoo, and he invites you into his mansion for a hilariously off-kilter variety show and a behind-the-scenes look at his comically tasteless publishing empire. The show is presented in the spirit of a seventies TV special, but most assuredly placed today. Girly Magazine Party will have you alternately laughing your ass off and shaking your head.

For this performance, Turner is joined by his regular 2 Headed Dog co-conspirators Mark Fite, Craig Anton and Dave "Gruber" Allen; a veritable quartet of Dadaist comedy. Their guests are all highly talented comedians, actors, magicians, musicians–and occasionally, a mime, who is fucking hilarious.

Please join me, some of my fellow Boingers, and our friends, for what is certain to be a strong dose of much-needed comic relief during these weird as heck times.

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