djBC and friends release a legal mashup album on vinyl

djBC writes, "My mashup record with Boston MC Moe Pope and ska/punk legends Big D & The Kids Table was picked up by Asbestos Records! It's 100% legal, too. And there are some great guests like the legendary rapper Edo G and saxophonist Dana Colley of Morphine. Asbestos Records did a lovely job with two different vinyl colorways- black/clear (100 available) and blue/clear (500 available). They even produced one of those 'word' videos for the jaunty single 'Fuckin' Love Music' featuring guest vocals from The Doped Up Dollies. GET IN!"

"You can listen to the 'Fluent In Moe' album for free on Amazon Music (if you have Prime), and the physical record can be got here. Also should mention some bootleggers have been putting out my old mashup albums on vinyl. So if you want The Beastles 'Ill Submarine,' or 'Ziggy Stardust Remixed' on vinyl, google it. It's out there."