Deleted scenes from the best OG Battlestar Galactica 2-parter

While I enjoyed the first few seasons of the new Battlestar Galactica, nothing in it compares with the first run's 2-part story arc "The Living Legend" about Commander Cain, played by Lloyd Bridges.

Cain and the super cool Battlestar Pegasus have miraculously survived the destruction of the "Fifth Fleet," during the surprise Cylon attack. These badasses have been harrying the robots ever since. Unburdened by the responsibilities of keeping a rag-tag fleet of survivors safe, Cain and his crew are far more bloodthirsty, and out for revenge! Upon running into their old comrades-in-arms the Galactica, Cain and Pegasus have a hard time fitting into the new human society.

These 2 episodes were just wonderful. The side story of other survivors really expanded the Galactica universe for me, and Lloyd Bridges was such a contrast to Adama!

Today the Youtubes decided I needed to see these 12 minutes of deleted scenes. I am glad they did.

RIP Richard Hatch.