A Flickr group devoted to the most beautiful old control panels you've ever seen

Do you like dials, knobs, levers, gauges, toggles, dip-switches, knife-switches, blinking peanut bulbs, faders, patch-panels, big red buttons, keyboards, breakers, fuses, stops, fascia, takeup reels, wheels, yokes, tachyometers, odometers, speedometers, emergency handsets, mics, valves, periscopes, oscilloscopes, brush-switches, paper tapes, manufacturer's instructions engraved in acrylic signs, and other control apparatus? I know you do! You will therefore love the Control Panel Flickr group.

control room – abandoned power plant, CONTROTONO (Roby)

Ballast control area (I think) aboard an Oberon Class Submarine., David Gee

Green Vickers, DMAX 303

(Post header: Steve Jurvetson, CC-BY)

(Thanks, Dan!)