Find a vaporizer that's right for your budget (and your health)

Many people have converted to vaporizers for a healthier alternative to carcinogenic, combusted smoking solutions. But finding the right vape for you can be tricky: cheap units may be dangerous, and higher prices don't necessarily mean superior quality. You've got to find a happy medium. I just so happen to have done the legwork for you, however, and have a few vapes to recommend.

4. Atmos Starter Kit

The Atmos is pen-style vape that takes accepts plant material as well as herbal extracts. This vape forgoes advanced features for simplicity and reliability: one charge yields up to 72 hours of continuous use, and it heats up in under ten seconds. This starter kit also comes with two e-liquids and an adapter with which to smoke them.

Price: $59.99, 73% off retail


3. Hippie 3

The Hippie 3 has the same one-button operation as the Atmos, but features more fine-grained temperature control and a glass mouthpiece for better-tasting hits. The unit's heat level is conveniently displayed on the LCD screen on the side, and is quickly adjustable with a rotating dial.

Price: $99, 37% off


2. Pax 2

The Pax 2 includes some nice perks in its sleek, minimal design. This vape fits nicely in your pocket, and Its motion- and lip-sensitivity ensures an optimum temperature for hits while keeping it cool on the table.

Price: $199


1. Pax 3

The newest Pax vape builds on the success of its predecessor with an improved heating system for faster use and a stronger battery. If you're looking for customization, this one offers precise temperature settings with a companion smartphone app.

Price: $274.99