Protect your identity and online activity with this secure VPN

Covering your download tracks isn't the only reason to invest in a VPN service—high-profile hacks and data dumps in recent years have shone a brighter light on online security issues than ever before. It's not just public figures who are at risk, and VPNs have increased in popularity even for casual browsing due to reported extreme government surveillance. Whether it's securing your connection at the cafe down the street, or protecting your local network from prying eyes, Private Internet Access is one all-encompassing solution to your online safety.

Like most leading VPN services, it masks your location and IP address, encrypts browsing activity, and lets you bypass regional content locks – a tool that is especially valuable while traveling. But where Private Internet Access excels is in actively blocking ads, tracking cookies, and malware—some of the primary sources for compromised privacy. Most importantly, however, Private Internet Access can't leak any personal information since it doesn't log any in the first place.

If you feel now is the time to get serious about online security, you can get a two-year subscription to Private Internet Access VPN for $59.95, a big markdown from its $166 retail price.

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