Beautiful hand-cut papercraft of human organs

Ali Harrison creates lacy, delicate paper cutouts of human organs, like this reproductive system. She then recreates those as laser-cut wood and T-shirts, like this one benefiting Planned Parenthood:

Ali says:

As one of millions of people who participated in the Women's March in January, I felt the draw to focus this project on a women's issue, and felt especially worried about the potential threats to women's reproductive health in the US. After creating the handcut piece, I went to bed every night picturing the shirt, and every time, the letters GTFO floated around in my mind. Here it is! I scanned the original hand-cut papercutting piece to digitize the design and have it silkscreened onto the shirts. The design, as my other anatomical organ pieces, is my artistic interpretation of this reproductive organ. I chose the image of the female reproductive system as the symbol for this cause, as Planned Parenthood has so often come under fire for the services they provide, and as women's bodies in particular are so often governed by the social conservatism of male politicians. Even though I was told the text was "out there," I chose GTFO (get the f*ck out!) for the lettering because, hey, IRL I'm pretty brazen and I don't have a problem saying GTFO when it needs to be said. Plus, I couldn't get it out of my head!

Ali creates all kinds of organs, so check it out!

Light + Paper (via Bored Panda)