Toiletpaper Paradise: a bizarre installation of amazing, overcrowded decor

Toiletpaper Magazine's Toiletpaper Paradise show at New York's Caddilac House is a series of "domestic interiors" filled with the art and sculptures from the magazine.

a lounge, kitchenette, bathroom, beauty parlor and bedroom become surreal domestic spaces full of aesthetic absurdities. interspersed among the high-impact interiors are a few standout pieces imagined by TOILETPAPER and produced by gufram, along with homeware produced by seletti customized by maurizio cattelan and pierpaolo ferrari with off-beat imagery. oversized spaghetti canvasses the wallpaper and floor of the main living spaces, while the bedroom is wrapped in a celestial popcorn print, and bathroom lined with psychedelically-painted fish.

maurizio cattelan + pierpaolo ferrari's TOILETPAPER paradise in NY is 'mad men on acid'
Crazy Abalone)