Uncut video of a guy clicking his mouse 1 million times

Have 17.5 hours to kill? Watch this dude click his mouse 1 million times. He gets it done 5 hours faster than the initial estimate. Strangely impressive.

He describes the life-altering experience:

Clicking a mouse for a world speed record was an incredible task. Arguably one of the most daunting things I've ever done in my life. Sitting in silence the last 700,000 or so clicks with nothing but the tempo of the mouse and focus in mind changed me as a person. I would not wish for someone to do what I have done. I am grateful for the experience; although some may say I have accomplished nothing. Even I myself had doubts about what I was doing. Of everything that happened in this video, the fact I had enough commitment to start and finish this is what I am most proud of.

So many logistical questions…

Clicking My Mouse 1,000,000 Times In One Video NEW WORLD RECORD (YouTube / Tocen via)