A Gmail plugin to do "emotional labor"

Install the Emotional Labor extension and it will automatically add social niceties to your outbound mail -- phrases like "Hey, Lovely! I've been thinking of you." (via 4 Short Links)

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  1. Using robots to add emotional flourishes to human communication...

  2. Uggh... I would prefer to have a plugin that does the opposite. I would like to have a plugin that strips out all the meaningless drivel and just gives me the point of the e-mail, so I can spend take less time reading e-mails.

  3. Ok, this seems creepy, and honestly it is creepy. But it could be very useful. I have trouble connecting with humans in general. A tool that would analyze the emotional tone of my outgoing mails might actually be useful. Then it could warn me when I'm coming off as cold or distant. Come to think of it, a tool that would analyze the emotional tone of incoming emails would be useful as well, because I tend to miss a lot of those cues.

  4. You would trust software that makes you cuter by adding, "hey Lovely?"

  5. I'm not sure if I like this particular plugin, but there are some other tools in this arena that are getting better and better.

    FoxType can help you reword your writing, with hints for things like politeness, sentiment, formality, and assertiveness.

    Perhaps someday, we'll have tools that handle all of the communication for us. And our tools will talk only to people who also have tools to handle all of their communication. We can build a world of robots that speak to each other, blissfully exchanging polite niceties, because they've learned to do so from watching us.

    This sounds disconcerting, but I think there is a sweet spot of creepy utilitarianism in there somewhere. After all, why should I spend three hours on hold with my insurance company, listing to scratchy music punctuated by robotic upsells, when I can have my robot do that instead?

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