Daniel Clowes: Trump made me forgive Shia LaBeouf

Cartoonist Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) says he has forgiven Shia LaBeouf for plagiarizing him because LaBeouf has created an anti-Trump installation.

From Daily Beast:

The political landscape in the U.S. has so reshaped the vision of the world that he's not harboring any anger for anyone on the same political side in these incredibly divisive times—not even against Shia LaBeouf, who in 2013 was accused of plagiarizing Clowes's 2008 comic "Justin M. Damiano." Although Clowes hasn't seen LaBeouf's anti-Trump installation, being anti-Trump is in and of itself enough to bond people together, he thinks. At least for now. "I look forward to the day we can go back to hating Shia LeBeouf," Clowes deadpans.