Watch how to transfer an ant colony from one terrarium to another

AntsCanada's colony of Yellow Crazy Ants got infested with mites, so he had to transfer them to a new home in a beautiful terrarium he dubs Hacienda Del Dorado. Quite a production!

Prepare to learn more about the mite life cycle that you ever imagined. It's pretty amazing to watch how quickly the ants prepare the new space for their three queens.

A huge war between The Golden Empire (Yellow Crazy Ants) and mites has been underway and we initially hoped exposing the ants to lemons would help rid them of their mites. However, 4 weeks later the mites have persisted and after speaking with some biologists we learned that the ants needed to be moved out of their home asap. By popular vote, the Golden Empire's new home was going to be a huge planted terrarium, one we call the Hacienda Del Dorado. Watch the drama unfold as the ants continue forward against this epic war vs mites. Thank you to Dr. Brian Fisher of, Dr. Kaitlin Campbell, and Raymond Mendez for the helpful info on the ant mites. Thank you Andrew Smith of for the photo of the phoretic mites.

Bonus video: Honeypot ants!

A MASSIVE ANT TERRARIUM "Hacienda Del Dorado" (YouTube / AntsCanada)