Watch how augmented reality can help those with vision impairment

Nearly 250 million people in the world have impaired vision. Oxsight is developing augmented reality glasses that could supplement or even replace canes and seeing eye dogs for many.

In the basic setting, objects and people appear as solid silhouettes, with nearer objects brighter. Simple controls allow the user to adjust the contrast and even give objects bright outlines, or even a degree of texture.

Via TechCrunch:

The brain processes three-dimensional space similar to how modern gaming cameras map and define the difference between the floor, a couch and a wall, for example. They identify the larger objects and figures out the relation between them and the user. Using this concept of mapping and how the brain already works, OxSight adds cartoon-like layers to the user's surroundings. For people with minimal vision, the software can project a cardboard cutout of what a person looks like.

Oxsight is a vision aid for the blind (YouTube / TechCrunch)