Hollywood's Greatest Trick: VFX artists vs. the studios

VFX artists have long complained they do not get the compensation they deserve for the value they bring to the film industry. Just in time for the Oscars, Ali Rizvi and Sohail Al-Jamea have teamed up with McClatchy with Hollywood's Greatest Trick.

Sohail, a motion graphics artist himself, says:

The top 10 highest grossing films of 2016 garnered over $9 billion, and all contained that one ingredient essential to monumental global box office success – Computer Generated Imagery. To convince us these visual effects artists share in this success and – that golden statuettes are not the magicians' only reward . That's Hollywood's greatest trick of all.

Hollywood's Greatest Trick (OFFICIAL TRAILER) – The Exploitation of Movie Magic (Vimeo / Sohail Al-Jamea)