These WordPress themes will save your site from lame

You've already made the smart choice (as Boing Boing did before you) by enlisting WordPress for your website. What you may lack, however, is the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and, well every other coding proficiency to make your site pretty. That's alright. Don't hire the kid next door, he smells funny. Instead, use your resourcefulness and check out Theme Junkie, a library of responsive, SEO-optimized WordPress themes that are easily deployed without writing any code yourself.

Whether you're running an online store, want to showcase your professional portfolio, or just need an attractive backdrop for your blog, Theme Junkie has something that will work for you. Their gallery lets you demo any theme before installing on your site, and each theme offers an array of customization options to meet your requirements. 

Lifetime access to Theme Junkie's 50 current themes, and every one added in the future is just $24.99 for a limited time, 74% off the usual price.